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VOLUME 25 - 2014


Experts versus Audience’s Opinions at the Movies: Evidence from the North American Box-Office
Lee Yoong Hon

Research Note:

She wore a red/white flower in her hair: The effect of hair ornamentation on compliance with a survey request
Nicolas Guéguen, Jordy Stefan, Céline Jacob and Michal Sobecki

Technical Note:

Is consumer memory (really) Dirichlet-like?
Lara Stocchi

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VOLUME 24 - 2013

Technical Note:

Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) Techniques Using SmartPLS
Ken Kwong-Kay Wong

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VOLUME 23 - 2012

Research Note:

The Presence of Violent Messages in Child-oriented Magazine Advertising: Considerations for Australian Advertising Guidelines
Stacey Baxter and Alicia Perkins.

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VOLUME 22 - 2011


Market Orientation in a Developing Nation – Antecedents, Consequences and the Moderating Effect of Environmental Factors
Mostaque Ahmed Zebal and David R Goodwin

Research Note:

The Effect of a Cute Stimulus on Personally-Initiated, Self-Administered Surveys.
John Bellfield, Chloe Bimont, Jeanette Blom, Curt J. Dommeyer, Kaitlin Gardiner, Erin Mathenia and Jenny Soto

Technical Note:

The Dirichlet Model: Analysis of a Market and Comparison of Estimation Procedures.
Francesca Bassi

Book Review:

A review of: Persuasive Advertising: Evidence-based Principles, by J. Scott Armstrong (Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
Phillip Gendall

Persuasive Advertising is only the end of the beginning: A rejoinder to the review.
j Scott Armstrong

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VOLUME 21 - 2010

Research Notes:

Using a Contingent, Nonmonetary Incentive to Increase the Response Rate to a Personally-Initiated, Self-Administered Survey among College Students
Curt J Dommeyer, Noriaki Hirao, Yoshiyuki Ikeda, Nicole Linkletter and Keizo Watanabe

How Successful are Media Differentiation Attempts?
Karen Nelson-Field, Gavin Lees, Erica Riebe and Byron Sharp

The Effectiveness of a Chocolate Incentive in a Mail Survey of New Zealand Farmers
John R. Fairweather

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VOLUME 20 - 2009


Using Polarisation to Reveal Systematic Deviations in Dirichlet Loyalty Estimation
Fang Li, Cullen Habel and Cam Rungie

Learning Through Experience: The Impact of Direct Experience on Children’s Brand Awareness
Stacey Baxter

Enhancing Market Effectiveness by Segmenting Immigrant Sectors into Sub-Groups According to Sociocultural Adjustment Patterns
Sabina Lissitsa and Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen

Research Notes:

Improving Survey Efficiency: Understanding the Relationships among Common Metrics for Concept Evaluation
Jennifer G. Boldry, Michael Polster and Susan McDonald

Technical Notes:

User’s Guide to DIRICHLET
John Bound

Dirichlet VB.xls
Zane Kearns

On Using Individual Characteristics in the MNL Latent Class Conjoint Analysis: An Empirical Comparison of the Nested Approach versus the Regression Approach
Qianqiu Zhu and Zibin Zhang

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VOLUME 19 - 2008


New Measures and a New Model for Television Network Loyalty (MOTNL)
Denny Meyer and Siva Muthaly

Brand Personality Differentiation in Formula One Motor Racing: An Australian View.
Philip J. Rosenberger III and Brett Donahay

Research Note:

A Test of the Effectiveness of Two Modes for Following Up Non-Responders to Radio Diary Research.
Gavin Lees and Mike Brennan

Technical Note:

Pharmaceutical Product Market Share Estimation: Full-Factorial Attraction Model.
Patrick J. Howie and Ewa J. Kleczyk

Complexity Modelling in Marketing: A Look “Under the Hood” of the NBD.
Cullen Habel and Steve Goodman

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VOLUME 18 - 2007


Using Brand Personality to Measure the Effectiveness of Image Transfer in Formula One Racing.
Brett Donahay and Philip J. Rosenberger III .

Technical Note:

An Automated Scoring System for Measuring Email Emotion.
Scott Burk.


Playing the Web Game Well: Five Ways to Win.
Marilou Ioakimidis.

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VOLUME 17 - 2006


Brand Personality Differentiation in the Australian Action-Sports Clothing Market.
Fabio Buresti and Philip J. Rosenberger III.

Technical Notes:

Closed Form Expressions for Brand Performance Measures.
Saralees Nadarajah and Samuel Kotz.

Revealed Preference Attribute Modelling using Repeated Purchases.
Cam Rungie, Gilles Laurent, Nadhem Mtmet and Wade Jarvis.

A Better Statistical Method for A/B Testing in Marketing Campaigns.
Scott Burk.

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VOLUME 16 - 2005


Measuring Banks’ Automated Service Quality: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach.
Mohammed Al-Hawari, Nicole Hartley and Tony Ward.

Minimized Regret is Sufficient to Model the Asymmetrically Dominated Decoy Effect.
David Schley

Talent, Looks or Brains? New Zealand Advertising Practitioners’ Views on Celebrity and Athlete Endorsers.
Jan Charbonneau and Ron Garland.

Market-Oriented Culture and Strategy: Are They Synergistic?
Sung-Joon Yoon and Sung-Ho Lee .

Profiting from Licensing without Royalties.
Caroline Boivin.

A Note of Caution Regarding Applying Basic Latent Class Analysis.
Ji Hee Song and Richard J Fox.

Research Notes:

A Test of the Effectiveness of a Mouse Pointer Image in Increasing Click Through for a Web Banner Advertisement.
Gavin Lees and Ben Healey

An Empirical Evaluation of Three Web Survey Design Principles.
Benjamin Healey, Terry Macpherson & Bart Kuijten

Do higher spending households buy a greater variety of brands? : An Application of Repertoire Regression.
Melissa Banelis, Cam Rungie, Erica Riebe and Lars Meyer-Waarden

Perceived Quality Levels and their Relation to Involvement, Satisfaction, and Purchase Intentions.
Rodoula Tsiotsou

The Colour Purple: The Effect of Questionnaire Colour on Mail Survey Response Rates.
Mike Brennan and Jan Charbonneau

The Share Order Effect of a New Radio Station Entering the Marketplace.
Gavin Lees and Richard Buchanan

Constructing Demand Curves: A Comparison of Two Procedures using the Juster Scale.
Mike Brennan and Jan Charbonneau

Technical Notes:

Drawing a Double Jeopardy Line.
Cullen Habel and Cam Rungie.

Technical Note 1 Matlab file (Doublej.m).

Technical Note 1 Matlab file (Dirichletbpm.m).

A Standard Error Estimator for the Polarization Index: Assessing the Measurement Error in One Approach to the Analysis of Loyalty.
Cam Rungie, Bruce Brown, Gilles Laurent and Suma Rudrapatna.

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VOLUME 15 - 2004


Product Placements in Movies: An Australian Consumer Perspective on their Ethicality and Acceptability.
Stacey Brennan , Philip J. Rosenberger III and Veronica Hementera

Similar in How to Frame, But Different in What to Choose.
Mei Wang and Paul S. Fischbeck

Rugby Fan Attraction Factors.
Ron Garland, Terry Macpherson & Kay Haughey

Research Notes:

Two Attempts to Increase the Response to a Mail Survey.
Anna Finn, Philip Gendall and Janet Hoek

Testing the Accuracy of Verbal Probability Scale for Predicting Short-Term Brand Choice.
Jenni Romaniuk

A Test of Two procedures for Improving Responses to Mail Surveys.
Mike Brennan

Technical Notes:

An Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modeling for Marketing Researchers.
Barbara A. Wech and Anita L. Heck

Calculation of Theoretical Brand Performance Measures from the Parameters of the Dirichlet Model.
Cam Rungie and Gerald Goodhardt

Note:"The formulas for the brand performance measures are presented here separately and independently in both Excel and MATLAB. Readers can use the Excel file by itself and do not have to have the MATLAB platform."

Technical Note 2: Dirichlet Spreadsheet (dirichletbpm.xls)

Technical Note 2: Dirichlet Matlab file (dirichletbpm.m)


The Juster Purchase Probability Scale: A Bibliography.
Mike Brennan

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VOLUME 14 - 2003


Ambush Marketing: A Critical Review and Some Practical Advice.
Dean Crow and Janet Hoek.

Management Perceptions of the Importance of Brand Awareness as an Indication of Advertising Effectiveness.
Emma Macdonald and Byron Sharp.

An On-Line Survey of Food and Beverage Consumers on the Internet: An Evaluation of the Survey Methodology.
Gregory K. White

Research Note:

Psychological Aspects of Price: An Empirical Test of Order and Range Effects.
Paula Bennett, Mike Brennan and Zane Kearns.

Technical Notes:

A Fuzzy Mathematical Approach for Measuring Multi-facet Consumer Involvement in the Product Category .
Sung-May Hsu, Couchen Wu and Tsu-Wu Tien

A Practical Guide to the Use of Correspondence Analysis in Marketing Research.
Mike Bendixen

How to Estimate the Parameters of the Dirichlet Model using Likelihood Theory in Excel.
Cam Rungie

Technical Note 3: Excel Spreadsheet (DirichletLikelihood.xls).

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VOLUME 13 - 2002


Theatre Audience on Stage: Three Experiments Analysing the Effects of Survey Design Features on Survey Response in Audience Research.
Henk Roose, Daniëlle De Lange, Filip Agneessens and Hans Waege

The Effects of Perceived and Objective Market Cues on Consumers’ Product Evaluations.
William B. Dodds.

A Critique of the Development of Alternative Measures of Market Orientation.
Mark Farrell .

Economic Implications of a Tax on TV Advertising: the New Zealand Case.
Larissa Allen, Lynne Eagle and Lawrence Rose.

Mañana and Manners may not be Enough! The Cultural Interface of New Zealand and Argentinean Business Negotiating Preferences.
Richard Buchanan, Ron Garland and Mark Armstrong.

Research Notes:

Two Methods for Estimating Category Statistics – Which is Better?
Malcolm Wright

A Marketing Economy of Scale – Big Brands Lose Less of their Customer Base than Small Brands.
Byron Sharp, Erica Riebe, John Dawes and Nick Danenberg

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VOLUME 12 - 2001


Could Less be More? An Analysis of Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medicines.
Janet Hoek, Philip Gendall and Pam Feetham

Critical Issues to Understanding IMC in the Future - An Academic and Practitioner Developed Integrated Marketing Communications Curriculum for the 21st Century.
Francis Farrelly, Sandra Luxton and Jan Brace-Govan

Research Notes:

An Experiment with Skip Instructions.
Philip Gendall and Rachel Ramsay

The Brand Perceptions of Former Users.
Jenni Romaniuk


Same Data, Different Conclusions: Analysis of the New Zealand Drink-Driving Campaign Data: Every Picture tells a Different Story .
Tony Lewis

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VOLUME 11 - 2000

Research Note:

The impact of question wording reversal on probabilistic estimates of defection / loyalty for a subscription product.
John Dawes


Three Generations of Advertising Self-Regulation: Learning from our Forefathers.
Debra Harker and Glen Wiggs

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VOLUME 10 - 1999


Sponsorship: An Evaluation of Management Assumptions and Practices.
Janet Hoek.

Capturing Images in a Net: Perceptual Modelling of Product Descriptors Using Sorting Data.
David Bimler and John Kirkland.

The Japanese Market for Organic Fruit and Vegetables.
Philip Gendall, Kerry Betteridge and Bill Bailey.

Antecedents and Consequences of a Learning Orientation.
Mark A Farrell.

Research Notes:

Lobster, Wine and Cigarettes: Ad Hoc Categorisations and the Emergence of Context Effects.
Michaela Wänke, Herbert Bless and Norbert Schwarz.

The Effect of Question Tone and Form on Reponses to Open-Ended Questions: Further Data.
Mike Brennan and Judith Holdershaw.

The Relationship between Subjective and Objective Company Performance Measures in Market Orientation Research: Further Empirical Evidence.
John Dawes.

Comparing Market Orientation Scales: A Content Analysis.
Claire Gauzente.

Survey-based Experimental Research via the Web: Some Observations.
Mike Brennan, Nathan Rae and Mathew Parackal.

Obtaining Purchase Probabilities via a Web Based Survey: Some Corrections.
Mathew Parackal and Mike Brennan.

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VOLUME 9 - 1998


Management Science: What Does it Have to do with management or Science?
J Scott Armstrong.

Perceptual Modelling of Product Similarities using Sorting Data.
David Bimler and John Kirkland.

A Framework for Questionnaire Design: Labaw Revisited.
Philip Gendall.

New Zealand Drink-driving Statistics: The Effectiveness of Road Safety Television Advertising.
Terry Macpherson and Tony Lewis.

Questionnaire Pretesting Comes of Age.
Ron Czaja.

Research Notes:

Obtaining Purchase Probabilities via a Web Based Survey: The Juster Scale and the Verbal Probability Scale.
Mathew Parackal and Mike Brennan.

The Relative Effectiveness of Sound and Animation in Web Banner Advertisements.
Nathan Rae and Mike Brennan.

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VOLUME 8 - 1997


Factors Affecting Political Poll Accuracy: An Analysis of Undecided Respondents.
Janet Hoek and Philip Gendall.

A Validation of the Bass New Product Diffusion Model in New Zealand.
Malcolm Wright, Clinton Upritchard and Tony Lewis.

An Analysis of the MKTOR and MARKOR Measures of Marketing Orientation: An Australian Perspective.
Mark A Farrell and Edward Oczkowski.

A Test of the Conversational Logic Analysis Model of Question Order Effects.
Philip Gendall, Victoria Carmichael and Janet Hoek.

Research Notes:

The Widespread Use of Odd Pricing in the Retail Sector.
Judith Holdershaw, Philip Gendal and Ron Garland.

Scaling Numerical Variables and Information Loss: An Appraisal of Morrison's Work.
Pascale Quester and Emanuel Dion.

The Effect of Question Tone on Responses to Open-Ended Questions.
Mike Brennan.

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VOLUME 7 - 1996


Open-ended Questions: Some Implications for Mail Survey Research.
Philip Gendall, Hara Menelaou and Mike Brennan.

Failure Avoidance and Robust Design: Quality Tools in Market Research.
Denny H Meyer and Larry Mitchell.

Improving the Accuracy of Recall Data: A Test of Two Procedures.
Mike Brennan, Joanna Chan, Dean Hini and Don Esslemont.

The Effect of Questionnaire Cover Design in Mail Surveys.
Philip Gendall.

Culture's Consequences: Dairy Market Opportunities in India.
Suku Bhaskaran.

Research Notes:

The Effects of a Photograph on Mail Survey Response.
Curt J Dommeyer and Laura A Ruggiero.

An Evaluation of Cinema Advertising Effectiveness.
Jason Dunnett and Janet Hoek.


Are New Zealand Men Really So Violent?
Philip Gendall.

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VOLUME 6 - 1995


Secondary Students' Perceptions of Debt and its Effects on Tertiary Enrolment Intentions.
Gray Baldwin, Philip Gendall and Janet Hoek.

Legislation or Self-Regulation: Opinions on Anti-Smoking Measures.
Janet Hoek, Philip Gendall, Carol Vincent and Don Esslemont.

The Link Between Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour.
Dean Hini, Philip Gendall and Zane Kearns.

New Product Diffusion Models in Marketing: An Assessment of Two Approaches.
Malcolm Wright and Don Charlett.

Research Notes:

How Damaging is Negative Word of Mouth?
Don Charlett, Ron Garland and Norman Marr.

Constructing Demand Curves from Purchase Probability Data: An Application of the Juster Scale.
Mike Brennan.

The Effect of Pre-Notification on Mail Survey Response Rates.
Malcolm Wright


Knowledge of Environmental and Scientific Facts: A Comparison of Six Countries. Philip Gendall, Tom Smith and Deborah Russell.

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VOLUME 5 - 1994


If the Answer was "People Who Have AIDS Get Much Less Sympathy Than They Deserve", What Was the Question?
Philip Gendall.

The Logical Limitations of Target Marketing.
Malcolm Wright and Don Esslemont.

Predicting Purchase Quantities: Further Investigation of the Juster Scale.
Peter Seymour, Mike Brennan and Don Esslemont.

Designing Survey Questions to Determine the Implied Claims in a Television Commercial.
Robert Langton.

Research Notes:

The Accuracy of the Juster Scale for Predicting Purchase Rates of Branded, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.
Mike Brennan and Don Esslemont.

Which Letter Worked Best?
Philip Gendall.

Obtaining Purchase Probability Data Via Telephone Surveys: A preliminary Test of Two Techniques.
Mike Brennan, Dean Hini and Don Esslemont.

A Comparison of Mail and Face-to-Face Survey methods: New Zealand Health Professionals.
Bruce McFarlane and Ron Garland.


Focus on Malaysia - The Tiger with a Vision.
Christopher T. Selvarajah.

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VOLUME 4 - 1993


Marketing's Domain: A Critical Review of the Development of the Marketing Concept.
Peter Graham.

The Behaviour of Television Audiences During Commercial Breaks.
Don Esslemont and Nevan Mclay.

Television Advertising to Children: An Analysis of Selected New Zealand Commercials.
Janet Hoek and Kelly Lawrence.

A Multi-Dimensional Exploration of the Decision Process Using Correspondence Analysis.
Michael Fox.

The Effectiveness of Monetary Incentives in Mail Surveys: Further Data.
Mike Brennan, Peter Seymour and Philip Gendall.

Research Notes:

Are Callbacks a Waste of Time?
Philip Gendall and Peter Davis.

Securing Respondent Cooperation by Circulating Consent Forms in a Society Newsletter.
Richard Laird.


China's Market Potential: Opportunities for New Zealand's Exporters.
Xianwen Qin.

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VOLUME 3 - 1992


Estimating a Socially Undesirable Behaviour.
Philip Gendall, Janet Hoek and Matt Blakeley.

Delivering Television Audiences to the Advertiser? Impressions from the Living Room.
Wiebe Zwaga.

Predicting Demand for Frequently Purchased Items.
Don Esslemont, Derek Hamilton-Gibbs and Dalton McGuinness.

Techniques for Improving Mail Survey Response Rates.
Mike Brennan.

Telephone Directories as Sampling Frames.
Don Esslemont, Susan Petersen and K.S.Selvakumar.

Research Notes:

Market Development in the United States: Challenges to New Zealand Exporters
Denise Cefalu and Md. Ismail Ahmad.

The Effect of Wrongly Addressed Mail on Mail Survey Response Rates.
Don Esslemont and Peter Lambourne.

Threats to Survey Research: Excessive Interviewing and 'Sugging'.
Mike Brennan.


Market Research: What it Can and Can't Do.
Philip Gendall and Don Esslemont.

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VOLUME 2 - 1991


Some Empirical Tests of the Marketing Concept.
Don Esslemont and Tony Lewis.

Is There More to Ethical Marketing than Marketing Ethics?
Mike Brennan.

Predicting Purchase Behaviour.
Dianne Day, Boon Gan, Philip Gendall and Don Esslemont.

Consumer Perceptions of Countryof Origin in the Australian Apparel Industry.
Paul Patterson and Siu-Kwan Tai.

The Stability of Responses to Forced-Choice Questions.
Philip Gendall, Eric Assendelft and Janet Hoek.

Pricing Financial Products and the Credit Contracts Act.
Tony Lewis.

Research Notes:

Some Effects of Price Discounting on Discounted and Competing Brands' Sales
Janet Hoek and Leon Roelants.

Impediments Facing New Zealand Exporters Developing Markets in Southeast Asia.
Lailai Burra and Md. Ismail Ahmad.

The Mid-Point of a Rating Scale: Is it Desirable?
Ron Garland.

Fax Surveys: A New Data Collection method.
Don Esslemont and Paul Pickering.


A Comment on the Role of the Wool Board in Supporting the Wool Price.
Tony Lewis.

Japan's New Import Expansion Policies and Their Implications for New Zealand.
Md. Ismail Ahmad.

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VOLUME 1 - 1990


The Effects of In-store Sampling on the Sale of Food Products.
Michelle Lawson, Dalton McGuiness and Don Esslemont.

Stereotyping in Advertisements Viewed by Children.
Janet Hoek and Wendy Sheppard.

The Effectiveness of Some Techniques for Improving Mail Survey Response Rates: A Meta-analysis.
Irene Chiu and Mike Brennan.

A Comparison of Three Forms of the Semantic Differential.
Ron Garland.

A Question of Wording.
Philip Gendall and Janet Hoek.

Export Market Opportunities and Challenges in ASEAN.
Md. Ismail Ahmad.

Research Notes:

The Effect of Stamped Versus Franked Outgoing Envelopes on Mail Survey Response Rates.
Mike Brennan.

Pricing Decision Rules for an Expert System.
Alan Tse and Peter Alexander.

The Effect of Researcher Status on Mail Survey Response Rates.
Mike Brennan.

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